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Residents have sent to the HRA plenty of photos showing Antisocial Behaviour at Reading House. They have complained that this has been a long standing problem which has not been dealt with properly and have strong suspicions of specific individuals related to the the Estate who are the troublemakers.

They have asked for their photos to be shared on our website and we have agreed as this will bring the problem to the surface and public exposure may cause more residents to speak up so that these individuals stop offending.

Youth loitering, drug use and trafficking, littering, urinating on doorsteps and lifts are some of the issues that may need addressing.

We call on CityWest Homes and the Local Police to address these issues that affect many of our residents, deteriorate their quality of life and affect their properties.

We also ask from everybody to report any kind of suspicious behaviour to the Police and CityWest Homes and if possible share their intelligence with us so that we keep track of the incidents. You can also send us relevant photos.


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