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Cadent, Ombudsman and True Lies?

On the aftermath of leaving some Reading House residents without gas for almost 6 months Cadent (part of what we used to know as the National Grid) have declined requests for further compensation. They believe that what was paid for the 33 initial days is more than enough to recompense for expenses, electricity used, hardship, distress and who knows what else, our members have suffered during all these months. 

To add insult to injury, one of our residents has reported that although Cadent declare as part of their complaints escalation procedure the referral by the complainant of the complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, the Energy Ombudsman themselves have denied looking into the problem claiming that Cadent participate with their service and therefore they are unable to handle complaints about them!

Therefore we have decided to publicise evidence of this oxymoron which unfortunately, in this case, is more than just a figure of speech!

Click on the screenshot below to be taken to Cadent's complaints policy procedure.

and Click on the letter below to see the response our member received when tried to escalate the complaint with the Energy Ombudsman:


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