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Final Bill for R106 Contract

The R106 project bill, regarding major works on Pembroke, Reading and Tenby Houses which have now been partially completed, has been produced and the deadline for full payment as set by CityWest Homes is Friday 23 February 2018. 

Following the Hallfield Residents' Association (HRA) meeting earlier today some of our members have expressed their concerns about the produced final account bill which runs into thousands of pounds, its timing, its lack of clarification in the breakdown shown etc.

If you too wish to dispute the R106 bill we suggest that you immediately register your objection with CWH (CityWest Homes) before 5pm on Feb 23rd 2018 by sending an email to acknowledging receipt of the bill for the R106 contract, and expressing willingness to pay a fair and reasonable bill for the works, but that your payment is subject to the provision of a full accounting or stating any other reason for which you may wish to delay payment.


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