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Hallfield Estate in the hands of gangs

Residents on Hallfield Estate have reported daily occurrences of gang related antisocial behaviour and minor crime. They feel intimidated, scared to leave their properties, fear of getting robbed and assaulted. Organised gangs that make their appearance very obvious day and night on the Estate are reported to use illegal drugs, smoke cannabis in such extent that enters people's properties, litter the walkways and lifts and vandalise our public spaces which may have been or may undergo expensive refurbishment. This has also an effect on our cleaners who sometimes are unable to cope.

The gangs loiter on various locations on the Estate observing people's movements and flats. Fears that they attempt recruitment of young and vulnerable Hallfield residents may not be far from reality. 

Residents have got evidence of them in what seems to be drug use and trafficking.

As Hallfield is our home, we should not accept their attempts to make our Estate a centre for their criminal activities. Who knows what may come next? We need to act now!


Are you being affected by Antisocial Behaviour at Hallfield Estate? Report it to the non urgent police number (Dial: 101) or if someone is at risk call 999.

Do not forget to also report it to the CityWest Homes antisocial behaviour manager or easily online.

We would be grateful if you sent the HRA a short message reporting the incident too so that we can update our database and if needed contact you to dig into the problem.


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