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Less than a week to go for the Local Elections

On Thursday 3 May 2018 the local government elections are taking place and for any of us eligible to vote, independently from our political beliefs, it is the best opportunity to have our say on how we would like our area to be run.

The Hallfield Residents’ Association is non-party political and therefore we cannot favour any of the candidates up for election as councillors of the Lancaster Gate Ward. However as we always work with our members best interests in mind, we have some food for thought we would like to share.

This is a period when many candidates contact voters and this is a good opportunity for us to ask about the problems that are of biggest concern to us, weigh the responses and help us decide on how we need to vote.

You may want to ask whoever is asking for your vote about:

A. Issues relevant to the Hallfield Estate:

  1. The major works fiasco and if anybody from CityWest Homes has been held accountable at all.

  2. Why for the last 5 years CityWest Homes have failed to provide the Hallfield Residents’ Association with invoices, clear pricing, transparency and while their people come and go and cannot give us any justification for poor past service, they are perfectly capable of producing bills and charges.

  3. How can CityWest Homes be trusted they will deliver the oncoming major works properly and how can they be held responsible/accountable for any shortfalls in standards.

  4. CityWest Homes have shut the Roundhouse where it was much easier to talk to them in person for many of our vulnerable members has not reduced leaseholders bills but has made contacting CityWest Homes harder.

  5. Antisocial behaviour from gangs loitering, littering, using and selling drugs in the Estate.

B. Issues relevant to the Lancaster gate ward and Bayswater:

  1. Lack of visible Police Force and patrolling with an effect in crime levels and increased feeling of resident insecurity.

  2. Record numbers of rough sleepers, proposed policies that can offer support to help them come off the streets.

  3. Policies that promote Affordable Housing.

Please check your eligibility to vote on the official website where you may also register to vote on local elections even if you are not a UK national:

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