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When antisocial behaviour can kill

In the current COVID-19 crisis, there are individuals that continue spitting and littering our lifts. Apart from passing on likely disease they may host such as Tuberculosis, those individuals put residents' lives at risk trying to spread Coronavirus in our community, undermining the Council's and the Government's efforts to slow down the rate of infection and protect our NHS and ultimately each one of us.

Our Association has responded by raising awareness of the problem among residents by putting notices on the noticeboards and also communicating with the WCC Cabinet Member for Housing and our three Ward Councillors, Susie Burbridge, Andrew Smith and Margot Bright. We have had very good response and re-assurance that Cleaning Services on Hallfield Estate will intensify to protect us all.

We will also lobby for CCTV installation inside the lifts and in combination with the external CCTV those individuals should be finally identified and face appropriate treatment. We will explore the possibility for installation of hidden cameras in the lifts to finally tackle problems of littering, spitting, urinating or drug use/trafficking.

Some did not like it and responded in the following way. We are calling them to come forward, send us an email or meet us to discuss why they believe our actions are of no importance. We keep an open mind even in such cases.

Have a good, safe, healthy and spit-free day! :-)


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