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HRA Committee Meetings Returning on 27/07/21

As the COVID19 restrictions are expected to ease even more, we have scheduled our next committee meeting to take place at 6:30pm on Tuesday 27/07/21 at the Pickering Hall, Hallfield Estate W2 6HF.

We have invited all our members, our three Lancaster Gate Ward Councillors (Susie Burbridge, Andrew Smith and Margot Bright) and Leon Williams (Area Services Manager for West, Growth, Planning and Housing). Representing our 413 member flats, we have asked that the below are addressed, however a formal agenda will be emailed to invitees on 21/7/21:

We will also be registering new members and formalise our reaction to Westminster City Council's poor Hallfield Estate management. Residents, Council and Private tenants and Leaseholders are extremely frustrated.


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