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Survey results on windows fitted in 2012-2013 at Pembroke & Reading Houses (rear elevation).

We recently concluded our survey regarding ongoing window issues which have been neglected for years by Westminster City Council. Those windows were installed by Mulalley on behalf of CityWest Homes/Westminster City Council. Although the windows installed by Axis later are far superior we still face several problems with the SAPA windows installed under R106 contract/major works. The Council has neglected our continuous complaints over a very long period of time and has failed to put things right. Occasional patch up work and placing silicone to cover leaking frames and defective installation cannot be considered satisfactory.

We are calling the Council to take responsibility for their appalling handling of the R106 major works and make good all that was made bad by replacing the old windows with the substandard SAPA windows and using unqualified labour (subcontracted from the subcontractor of the subcontractor...)

Please take 2 minutes to read our indicative report (<click-opens in new tab) and listen to the noise (<click here-opens in new tab) we suffer every time we have windy weather and gales. Our sleep gets severely disturbed. Westminster City Council, please put things right and do not charge another penny to the Leaseholders who you have already charged tens of thousands of pounds (literally we are talking about £12-35.000 depending on the bedrooms one has).

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Marta Batista
Marta Batista
19 mei 2022

they sold as a Lion with Million of pounds ££££££ 😃 and we get a cat - with Million of problemas -😪 - Wheres is the Law to protect does who ben pay for what they didn't get????

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