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Our 2nd online HRA Committee meeting at 7:00pm on Tuesday 4 August 2020, Meeting Duration 35 mins.

Adhering to the governmental advice relevant to the current Coronavirus Alert Level 3, we keep our regular Pickering Hall meetings suspended and we continue using Zoom as a user friendly program to allow us continue with our business. The next meeting will be open to all HRA members (unfortunately only those with online access) and Guests approved by the Chair. If you have never used Zoom before, you can click on the links circulated by emails sent to our members only, to join the meetings even before they start. It is strongly advised to do so, well in advance, so that you get what you need for the meeting ready. 

For Help how to use Zoom, please check on: If you have not received an email, this is because you are not a member or we do not have your email address. Please see how to join or renew your membership online in previous blog or follow this link:


  • You need to allow Zoom to access the microphone (if you want to speak) and the camera (if you want to be seen).

  • You do not necessarily need to participate with a Camera, you can just join in as in a VoiceCall.

  • All Attendees will join the meeting by default in muted mode to avoid disruption. The Chair can unmute participants but you may have to unmute yourself my clicking on the no microphone icon.

  • The Agenda will flow with the minimal possible interruptions.

  • If you need to speak please raise you hand (virtually not literally), the Chair will unmute you and you can be heard in the room. To do this, go on the right hand side of your screen where icons such as "yes", "no" etc are located, go to "more" and click the "raise hand" icon. You will be placed on a priority list but may not be able to speak straightaway.

  • Please try joining the meeting within 10 minutes of the start time as we need to identify that you are an HRA member. Non-member flats will not be allowed to take part.

For desktop/laptop users, you can use your browser and follow the easy instructions to allow the program to run or alternatively you can download the program and run it following the link:

For mobile phone users, you will need to download the Zoom App beforehand:

Google Play for (Android) following the link: or

iPhone users following the link:


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