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Car parking changes coming up in Hallfield Estate.

The HRA have sent a letter (click here) to engage in the consultation process about the proposed changes to the current car parking system in Hallfield Estate pushed through by Westminster City Council.

We have all witnessed the lack of enforcement since 2016, which is extremely frustrating for people who have rented a specific parking bay often to find it occupied by a random vehicle.

Westminster City Council wants to implement Traffic Management Orders (TMOSs) and the Statutory consultation period of 21 days will continue until 30 August 2019. We are aware of strong opposition against those changes specifically from people who already use numbered parking bays on the Estate.

One of the main issues is that the whole Estate will constitute one single parking zone and there will be no guarantee that there will be allocated spaces in front or near each block but people may have to park wherever there is available space which may mean a ten or longer minute walk away from their blocks.

Please read about those Proposals here and also find Questions and Answers about the changes here.

The HRA have already logged their opposition, concerns and observations with an official letter emailed to the Council on 16/8/19 but it would be great if all interested members logged their views on this individually. You can do this my sending an email to: and quoting reference: 7503/PJ

Please find the HRA letter to the Council here.


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