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Spitting in the Lifts No2 (with some humour)

What do those people think? How much contempt for the people around them do they have? Are they supposed to walk free? Are they criminals? Shall we see our spitting protagonists in any uploaded video soon? We definitely feel sorry for them reaching such low lows.

Check these two videos brought to our attention:

Also some relevant stories from Singapore:

and how they protect themselves in China according to the South China Morning Post:

We do have our reservations about toothpicks (people may spit or cough on them too), lighters (we don't want anybody trapped inside lift and be on fire, even those who spit), long nails (they can come off/break and all this money will be wasted).

Wash hands and don't touch many surfaces if you must when using the lift.

The HRA will set up a disinfecting team to try and spray them once daily. Join us and give 1 minute every day to help the community.



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