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Yellow Lines and Taunton House alleged Assault of marshal.

There is something very wrong with a flat at Taunton House. Residents witnessed the incident and reported it to our Association. We have complained to Westminster City Council and have asked that, if allegations are based, appropriate action is taken.

The Incident:

On 2 April 2020, at around 1:00pm, in the area of Hallfield Estate, between Taunton, Reading House and the Hallfield School, a traffic Marshal, who was patrolling, issued a fine for an illegally parked car. The person who seemed associated with the car came out from a flat in Taunton House and had an argument with the Marshal. Witnesses were alarmed by the shouting. The "car associated person" went back to the flat slamming the door and when the Marshal was leaving the Estate grounds, while he was crossing the gate, the "Taunton House man" exited the flat and ran towards the Marshal and spat on him.

The Marshal has reported it to the police. Westminster City Council has been notified of the incident and are looking into this.

The HRA has worked very hard to bring paroling back to Hallfield Estate, after years of abandonment by Westminster City Council. The result was our access roads had become unregulated parking spaces and restricted access to essential services. Councillor Andrew Smith's contribution has been invaluable in helping us bring enforcement back to the Highways of the Estate. We are now worried that this incident is a major step back. We are worried about the Marshal's well-being but in addition to this, about the fact that they will be reluctant to patrol our Estate if the offenders get away without consequences.

Initially we thought it would be a good idea to offer a reward to those members who have the courage to come forward and give a statement to the police or Westminster City Council to help taking action against the alleged culprit. We have withdrawn our reward because we feel people should act out of moral obligation and not have money as the incentive to do as they should. They need to contact us via email or the local police. Anonymity will be 100 % guaranteed on our end.

For those who are not aware of the yellow lines, they can find more info by following the link below:



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